Behavior & Rules

  1. You should make sure that you arrive a few minutes before morning assembly. Action will be taken against persistent late corners.
  2. When the bell rings in the morning, you should head, quickly and quietly, for your line. Any misbehavior during lines will not be tolerated.
  3. No running in corridors is allowed at any time. Going up and down the stairs in a disorderly manner can cause accidents. Never rush up or down the stairs. Always keep to your right hand side. Always remember to stop and step back for adults. Students causing a disturbance in the corridors or stairs will be punished.
  4. No-one is allowed to stay in the classroom during break time without permission.
  5. School uniform must be strictly observed at all times. You may wear your sports clothes on the day you have sports and on the day you have activity [if you have a sports activity]. You must also make sure that your clothes are in a presentable condition, clean and ironed and that your shoes are black, leather and always properly polished.
  6. Girls with long hair are asked to keep it tied back neatly. Only black or white head bands are allowed. Boys are not allowed to use hair creams, gels, etc, during the school day.
  7. Chewing gum is strictly forbidden.
  8. To leave the class during lessons, you need to have the special pass issued by your teacher. If you need to visit the doctor, a supervisor will accompany you.
  9. Your classrooms should always be neat and tidy. Do not write on walls or furniture in your classroom or on any part of the school premises. Anyone caught willfully damaging property anywhere on the school grounds will be severely reprimanded and you will be required to pay for its replacement or maintenance.
  10. Please keep the bathrooms as clean as you find them.
  11. When using the canteen facilities, you should queue up in an orderly fashion. If pupils are found crowding round or pushing, they will be deprived of this privilege. If using the seating area, please make sure that you leave the table clean and tidy. All rubbish to
     be placed in the bins.
  12. The staff rooms and offices are off-limits to all pupils, except those with written authorisations from their class teacher. Each stage has its own areas and you should not stray into other zones.
  13. Any misbehaviour or disruption of the classroom atmosphere will not be tolerated. Unseemly behaviour, physical abuse or the use of improper language on the school buses or around the school premises, is strictly forbidden. Parents will be asked to come to school immediately to discuss and resolve this problem. Persistent offenders face suspension.
  14. Older pupils are asked to look after the younger ones and definitely not tease or bully them. If you find any aggravation, please report it to the teacher on duty. The kindergarten garden and corridors are strictly off-limits to any pupil from any stage.
  15. Items such as playing cards, chess sets, toys, magazines, video and cassette tapes, compact discs and personal stereos, i.e. Walkman or Discman are strictly forbidden at school or on the bus. Mobile telephones are also forbidden and will likewise be confiscated.
  16. Playing football on school premises must be with adult supervision. Kicking cans or stones is not permitted at any time.


In order to maintain a constant and consistent learning atmosphere, students are expected to attend classes daily according to schedule to facilitate a steady level of academic performance.