How does the school prepare students to reach school expectations?

How does MHIS prepare for the developmental needs of students specific to the age groups of each division or grade level?

In addition to the required academic courses, is there any other courses or programs which are part of the school's offerings, or which occasionally take place of regular classes?

What are the methods of assessing student learning?

What procedures are provided for parents to convey information, comments or concerns to the school? What system is used to respond to parents' comments or concerns?

How are parents integrated into the school's community?

How will parents know the current events at school?

How do parents & teachers have the opportunity to meet socially?

How does the school maintain contact with alumni?

How is the curriculum reviewed?

What are the school's Student Government and other opportunities for developing school leaders?

What are the activities provided at school?

What are the teaching methodologies employed and the extent to which the school encourages uniformity or diversity in teaching methods?

How does MHIS use technology in its educational programmes?