Egyptian National Education Division

The principal strengths of the school programme:

Stability: The curricula for all stages are set for application under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.

Durability: The school is not free-handed to give up, add, omit, or substitute the curriculum, except those concerning the Advanced Level courses of English and French.

Feasibility: The curriculum provides graded levels and topics which suit the different age groups of students and fulfill their needs. Information is also recycled periodically in a different way.

Expectations set for each subject:

  1. Department of Arabic: The student is expected to attain a high standard of grammatical and linguistic rules and Arabic literature and to express himself and his thoughts in a sound way, both written and oral.
  2. Department of English: The student is expected to understand, read, write and speak English fluently and accurately by the end of the secondary stage. He is also expected to have acquired a critical approach of English drama, poetry and classical literary works as well as the history of Britain and the United States.
  3. Department of Mathematics: The student is expected to have covered all mathematical rules and theories that would prepare him to stand firm on the threshold of the university. The syllabi qualify the students with a suitable ability to study in technical institutes and in engineering faculties.
  4. Department of Science: The student is expected to have covered the basics of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. He is expected to have acquired the experimental mentality and the scientific techniques in solving problems or interpreting natural phenomena by carrying out laboratory experiments for project work.
  5. Department of Humanities: The student is expected to have learned the history of Egypt, Arab World and the major historical events of Europe and the United States. Geographical information concerning Egypt, Arab World and major countries of the world, map-drawing and blank maps identification. The students study approaches to Philosophy, Sociology, Logic and Economy. At this stage they are equipped to analyze facts and present their findings with a critical approach.
  6. Department of Computer: The student is expected to have learned the principle of dealing with computer applications Multimedia and the Internet as well as a course of computer maintenance (Software and Hardware.)
  7. Art Department: The student is expected to have learned how to appreciate Fine Art, drawing, painting and coloring using different methods and means.
  8. Crafts: Carpentry, electricity works, home maintenance for boys and girls.
  9. Home Economics: Cooking, embroidery, sewing, knitting etc.
  10. Physical Education: (Games - Exercises - Aerobics - Competitions)
  11. Music: The student is expected to have learned the basics of reading musical notes, play and rehearse for public recitals and concerts. The school has a choir of its own.
  12. Religion: Moslem students are expected to have learned the teachings of Islam, verses from the Holy Quran and the traditions of Prophet Mohammed. Christian students are also taught extracts from the Bible and the teachings of Christianity.

Teaching Strategies used:

  1. The Language Departments (Arabic - English - French - German) adopt the Communicative Approach as a method for teaching and using the language. Self-researching, free reading as well as debates and competitions.
  2. Science Department: (Chemistry, Physics and Biology) The Direct Method Approach. Lab work Self-researching and competitions.
  3. Mathematics Department: The Direct Approach is adopted. Self-researching and competitions.
  4. Humanities Department: The Direct Approach is adopted in displaying, explaining and discussing the information given. The students pay visits to historical sites, museums, observations and factories.
  5. Other Departments teach the students the principles and then the students are given ample time to practice step by step on the task assigned to them (e.g. Computer, Arts, Music, Crafts)