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Institutional Structure

  • Manor House American is a division of October Manor House Schools, offering KG - Grade 12 American Academic System. Situated on the outskirts of the city of Cairo, MHAS is built on 10129.38 sq. meters of land.
  • The buildings are designed according to the most up to date technological standards.
  • The school is equipped with four science labs, state of the art computer labs, two tiered listening and multimedia labs.
  • Activity rooms are on premises and include a fully equipped gymnasium, library, ballet hall, swimming pool as well as arts and drama rooms.
  • A full scaled theater for our students to perform and showcase their multitudinal talents during concerts, lecture, debates and presentations has been an exceptional addition to the school.

Advanced International Accreditation 

  • AdvancED International Accreditation is awarded to schools meeting USA academic criteria, affirming that the accredited schools continue to meet with strict, stringent academic atmospheres and educational standards in compliance with USA educational requirements working on improving student's performance.

SACS Accreditation (Southern Association for Colleges and Schools)

  • Our commitment to education, individual student support and vision for creating future leaders was rewarded by SACS accreditation. MHAS is the first school in Egypt to be merited such an honor.
  • MHAS runs an accredited updated American based curriculum that focuses on stimulating individualistic progress with application as the backbone for the learning process coping with the rapid expansion of communication and technology .

Early childhood: Kg 1 - Kg 2

  • Derived from our understanding that acquiring an educational base and personal acceptance is accomplished during the early formative years, we apply a hand on learning approach to develop motor, art, verbal and manual skills, in parallel to providing an enjoyable learning atmosphere that builds a sense of security and belonging among our students.

Elementary Stage: Grade 1 - Grade 5

  • The years of self discovery and social involvement are based within the elementary years of education.
  • Students are encouraged to demonstrate individualism in their work.
  • Full core curriculum is introduced in the elementary stages and carries the base structures for all subjects.
  • Students at MHAS participate in English as a core subject along with introductory courses in French staggered for learning levels as the student progresses throughout the elementary stages.

Middle School: Grade 6 - Grade 8

  • Self expression and acceptance come to the mainframe focus during these years.
  • Students are guided and encouraged to use their talents to the best of their abilities.
  • Core curriculum becomes extended and focused on genres in English language and literature.
  • Academic strategies are implemented to cross the educational bridge from the early years into the formal years of learning.
  • All subjects are designed to develop and prepare students for high school programs.

High School: Grade 9 - Grade 12

  • MHAS High School Curriculum begins preparation for college and university admission.
  • Students study intensive courses in English, Math and Science.
  • A strong academic program is designed for each individual student based on his/her choice of University they plan to attend.
  • A variety of electives are offered to our students to complete their academic years.
  • Students are counseled and academic guidance is provided to ensure that all students meet individual faculty requirements.

Parents are kindly advised to pay close attention to the school regulations:

  1. Students must be accurate and vigilant in regards to attendance of classes. The school policy states that "any accumulation of 8 missed classes leads to subject dropping. The grade could only be compensated for by attending Summer School Intensive Courses". Excused absences can only be regarded if accompanied by a medical report. 
  2. Upgrading is offered to our students via examination under the following conditions:
    • The maximum number of subjects permitted for upgrading is 3 (three).
    • Upgrading will be considered as 1 letter grade only.
    • Each upgrading examination will be issued at a fee. Students will be permitted to attempt 2 exams for each subject.
    • Deadline for the upgrading examinations registration and payment are announced prior to the set dates.
  3. Students targeting at achieving a higher grade are required to attend Summer School Intensive Courses abiding by the following regulations:
    • The maximum number of subjects permitted for Summer School is 3 (three) issued at a fee.
    • Students will attend 2 hours per day for duration of 50 hours of classroom timed courses per subject, covered over a 5 week schedule.
    • The grade achieved in the intensive courses will be regarded as the accredited grade on the official transcript.
    • Deadline for the Summer School Intensive Courses registration and payment are announced prior to the set date.
  4. Students achieving letter grades below "C" in any subject are not to be promoted and are required to attend Summer School Intensive courses.
  5. School policy adheres to the fact that school uniforms are to be worn at all times while on school premises.
  6. MHIS administration encourages appointed parental/teacher counseling conferences for academic/social development.
  7. Participation of all school events is mandatory and part of the social and academic base of the students.
  8. An explicit student handbook describing the school constitution is handed upon enrollment. A parental/school contract is to be signed by Parent/Guardian consenting to all school rules, regulations and penalties.